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class EventHandler < Object

Is recording enabled?

Member Variables

Name Description
trace:Queue<Event> Events, if recording or replay is enabled. This is typically not the events received, but rather a minimal set of ValueEvent objects used to store values for replay. New events are pushed to the back of the queue, replayed events are popped from the front of the queue.

Member Functions

Name Description
setMode Set the play/replay mode.
setRecord Set the record flag.
handle Handle a sequence of events.
handle Handle a single event.
rewind Rewind, in order to replay recorded events.

Member Function Details


function handle(evt:Event!) -> Real

Handle a sequence of events.

Returns: Log-weight.

function handle(evt:Event) -> Real

Handle a single event.

  • evt: The event.

Returns: Any necessary log-weight adjustment.


function rewind()

Rewind, in order to replay recorded events.


function setMode(mode:Integer8)

Set the play/replay mode. Valid modes are:


function setRecord(record:Boolean)

Set the record flag.