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Using Eclipse can help streamline updates.

The development version of Birch is frequently updated with new features and bug fixes. This is especially so at the moment, as development has not yet matured to a stable release.

To check for updates at any time, use

git pull

from within each of the Birch, Birch.Standard and Birch.Example directories that you created when installing. If new updates are retrieved, you will need to recompile.

For Birch, use:

make clean
make install


You may need to use sudo make install for the last line to elevate to root permissions, if you are installing from a user account that does not have permissions for a system-wide install.


To speed up the build, you can use make -j 8 on the second-last line, replacing 8 with a number of threads to run in parallel.

For Birch.Standard and Birch.Example, or indeed any Birch package, use:

birch clean
birch build
birch install


Similarly again, you may need to use sudo birch install for the last line.


You may be able to omit make clean and birch clean to speed up the build. This depends on the nature of the updates. Include them to be safe, or omit them unless later steps produce errors.